Marylebone opens to the world – well almost..

Marylebone opens to the world – well almost..

Great to see so many Brits taking in the sights, sounds, eateries, pubs and bars of Marylebone. Truly a great deal to sample with price points for all tastes and budgets. You can eat high end here or there is plenty of choice from the fast-food outlets all the way down Baker Street to Oxford Street.

waitrose marylebone

The Sherlock Holmes Museum

On the sights front, the Sherlock Holmes Museum is open – and I was even informed recently that the great detective had actually lived and been a real person.

Of course, it was really Robert Downey Jnr. And talking of film stars, Harrison Ford popped up in Waitrose in Marylebone High Street a few days ago and spent £120. Wonder whether there will be an Indiana Jones stunt in Marylebone in the next movie. Can’t wait.

Visiting the Sherlock Holmes Museum – this is its location

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