Estate agents in Marylebone

dexters estate agency marylebone

Estate agents in Marylebone

There are quite a few of them. But there are agencies and then there are the people in them and this where the discerning seller needs real local expertise and where the difference resides.

Behind the brand…

You need to get behind the brand above the door. Given that properties rarely sell themselves these days, even in uber cool Marylebone,  you need knowledge not just about the property itself  but the costs of living in it, the wider amenities, schools, transport links and history.

So it was a real pleasure to bump into a Marylebone property expert, James Staite at Dexters, Weymouth Street, Marylebone – –  and to give him a shout out in this blog.

All localities in London have micro-markets that often stretch for just a few blocks, often with quite contrasting characters, albeit in similar postcodes. Apartment blocks and houses, particular streets, access to shops differ markedly around Marylebone.

James is a guy who does deals and understands these micro-markets with their idiosyncrasies. I commend him to you.

The Marylebone Man

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