Shopping at Waitrose – Marylebone High Street

waitrose marylebone

Shopping at Waitrose – Marylebone High Street

How can I write a blog about Marylebone without covering the eminently newsworthy destination of Waitrose?

My wife, the GW, always gets anxious when I set off because she thinks I’ll get lost  in the aisles, or buy the wrong kind of olives, so I often get calls and texts to check up on me; a kind of domestic track and trace. Anyway, after too much exposure to the rolling news channels and endless bad news, a Waitrose expedition is to be welcomed and off I go, dodging celebrities (who could they be?) and of course wearing my mask to protect my own identity. What a pallaver.

Soon, we’ll  need full oxygen gear, with helmets and tanks as the virus continues its inexorable incursion into all our lives. Still Waitrose provides a greatly sanitised environment with controlled entry and the shop is sufficiently small and perfectly formed that I can’t get lost.

Today’s visit went swimmingly, all items were available in order, meaning no need to double back on myself and the helpful check-out lady even loaded my vast, recyclable, eco-friendly, vegan conscious shopping bag. Plenty of virtue to signal today.

Flowers on Moxon Street

On the way home, a big shout out to the flower stall on the corner of Moxon Street  – beautiful blooms, especially white roses, but also hydrangeas and gladioli, but white roses are the best!

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