To Oxford Street…

To Oxford Street…

To Oxford St, a bit beyond Marylebone, but not so far as to get a nose bleed. Massimo Dutti the destination this time, the BW is seeking white shirts to see if she can outdo my collection – not a chance at current rates of growth.

More staff than punters at Selfridges

A cut through Selfridges. Looks like the punters are outnumbered by the staff. A word on Selfridges’ staff. No fat people, but tattoos are OK and of course everyone is wearing black, the vetements of cool, though never bought into it myself: cool enough already. Selfridges is the numero uno shopping destination, but without the tourists, it is sadly empty: this needs to change.

Ever played the whinger game? What you do is find a prime observation spot in a cafe with a great street view and start playing. The object is to identify whingers  as they walk by and to call out, quietly of course, “whinger” when you spot one.

Knowing the signs…

So how do you know? theMaryleboneman’s signs to look out for: mouth turned down at the corners; fixed stare ahead; inability to smile;  general demeanour of a hardcore complainer. Do not marry one of these: you will be eternally unhappy. Ouhhh. There’s another one and another. Whinger alert.

At no time more than now is there a need for optimism. Good to see Cote has reopened in St Christopher’s Place – a defo destination for value and for playing the whinger game. All together now , “Whinger”.

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