Fish Works in Marylebone

Fish Works in Marylebone

Fish Works, Marylebone High Street… hmm not so sure that fish was working today. In fact my monkfish loaded with batter and surrounded by an array of chips casually tossed on the plate like stones on a beach, was not working at all. Mushy peas lived up to their name and the beautiful wife’s (BW) bass could have been bass, but alas was too dead to enquire. However, fellow diners provided some entertainment, from the anxiety of maybe an ex-wife was slouching in the corner to some seriously fussy foreigners wanting a menu designed especially for them. If the menu is not to your liking, why eat there in the first place?

Kir Royales to Harry’s Bar

Lovely Kir Royales to start, though and a fabulous rose that gave the high street a nice tinge on our way to Harry’s Bar in James Street, a stalwart watering hole and great location for people watching. The absence of tourists whilst great for us locals is not so good for local businesses striving to re-open. I can however do without the routine throat clearing and smoking that often characterises our overseas visitors.

The BW dashed into Reiss but to not available this time. We must already have most of the shop in our apartment anyway. Time for a relaxing trip to Waitrose involving me waiting outside whilst the BW purchased treats for me later. Just time for one last sundowner Kir royal at the recently reopened Aubaine in ** street – pricey, but then it always was, so no change there.


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